Namso-CC is a multi-purpose data generator for prototyping and testing in the field of programming and development. There are currently a few generators that NamsoGen offers. For instance they offer a lorem ipsum generator, random user data generator, and a random test credit card number generator. 

Namso CC Gen is the random credit card number generator. It provides fake credit card numbers in order to test credit card systems. It is also used for research purposes. 

These numbers are not to be used for any type of malicious activity. The company does not promote or agree with unethical activity.

The NamsoGen test credit card numbers generator system uses the Luhn algorithm. This service does not generate credit card numbers that have real money. The numbers also do not belong to any other card holder. Using the Luhn Algorithm, the Namso CC system creates the numbers in seconds for you.

Keep reading to learn more about what the Luhn algorithm is. 


The Luhn algorithm or Luhn formula is also known as the mod10 or modulus 10 algorithm. It is named after the creator of the algorithm, Hans Peter Luhn and was developed in the 1950’s.

The purpose of the algorithm is to protect against errors that were made accidentally. It is not to protect against malicious attacks or to be used in an illegal or a fraudulent manner. Luhn Algorithm is able to distinguish between credit card numbers that are valid and invlaid. 

This algorithm is used mainly to validate credit card numbers as well as other number sequences such as social security numbers. When it comes to the NamsoGen system, it generates organized numbers to test credit card systems and to be used for the purpose of research.

These credit card numbers are not actual issued credit cards and have no value. This service does not generate credit card numbers that are connected to actual accounts. None of the numbers that are generated are valid credit card numbers.


The card numbers that are generated are not associated with any account. There is no actual value to the numbers.  

Credit card numbers are typically found on the payment card. This payment card would have been issued by a bank or a certain institution. 

The purpose of the generator is to be a helpful tool to users. 

If Namso-CC-Gen is used correctly and for the right reasons, it should work properly. One may need to generate other fake information. For example, you may need a fake email address for testing purposes. 

There are other credit card generators. They are not comparable to Namso-CC-Gen. 

Namso-CC-Gen is completely free to use. It does not require you to enter any personal information. The interface was created to be easy and simple to use. 

Let’s take a closer look at how the generator works. 

Namso CC Gen generates random test credit card numbers for testing, validation and/or verification purposes.

The generator can provide a single credit card number or a large amount of randomized numbers. To provide the randomized numbers a BIN, expiration date, CVV, and format can be chosen. The numbers can also just ramin completely random.

First, a BIN is required. BIN is the shorthand term for bank identification number. A card’s BIN are the first four to six numbers that are on a bank issued card. This first set of numbers helps to identify which institution that the card came from. It is crucial when it comes to matching transactions to the charge card issuer.

Then, the expiration date can be random or a month and year can be filled in. 

The CVV can also be chosen or can be curated at random. CVV is a shorthand term for Card Verification Value. A CVV number is crucial in certain situations. For instance, it is needed when completing online transactions. The CVV number is typically three numbers but can be four in some instances.

The format in which the numbers will be generated can be entered. If not chosen, the generator leaves it to default as Pipe format. The five formats that are available to choose from are: PIPE, CSV, XML, JSON, and SQL.

Each format has certain beneficial qualities. 

The numbers will then be generated. Furthermore, the number combinations can then be used for testing a credit card system or for research purposes.


The generator is intended for development, programming and educational purposes only. NamsoGen does not support, promote or encourage illegal/fraud activities in any form. Above all, malicious intentions are not supported, promoted, or encouraged. For instance, the purpose is not for money transactions to take place with fake credit card information.

Using online credit card generators and entering fake credit card numbers is not prohibited by law. This is only true if the generated credit card numbers are not being used for malicious purposes like fraud.